Mission Statement
Soda-Blast-Systems revolutionary Eco-friendly, food grade Baking Soda Blasting Service, will provide vehicle stripping, property reinstatement and product sales nationally and via partners across mainland Europe.

Penetration of these markets will be achieved through education and demonstration of the Soda-Blasting Technology
Why Soda-Blasting
Soda Blasting replaces traditional blasting where it has proved to be too aggressive or restrictive. Soda Blasting provides greater flexibility, speed and quality of finish that only Soda can.

Over the last four years, Soda-Blast-Systems (UK) Ltd (SBS) have taken this technology (Soda Blasting) and developed methodologies to utilise its speed and applications more suited for the UK and Europe via its three operating divisions:

• Vehicle Stripping (Including Aviation & Marine)
• Property Reinstatement (Including Fire, Flood & Mold Remediation)
• Product Sales / Hire (UK & Europe)

Despite the current economic climate, SBS have experienced increased and sustained demand for its services across the three divisions as knowledge and understanding of the capabilities grow.

To further illustrate the capabilities and applications please look through our website.

It’s Blasting But.. With a Gentle Touch
No Heat - No Ripples!
There is no heat build up when blasting with sodium bicarbonate. Since there is no heat build up, warping is eliminated.
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