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Soda-Blast-Systems provide the full Soda-Blast Service for stripping cleaning and restoration services, that include; CIP, Industrial equipment & processes, vehicles, plant & buildings.

Our Soda-Blast-System is a revolutionary process that uses a Food Grade pure granular sodium bicarbonate to remove paint, grease and neutralizes rust without damaging metal, brick, stone, glass, chrome or warping thin sheet metal. We also remove anti-fouling paint on boats too.

Our Portable Fire and Mold Blaster
Soda Blast Systems use a portable fire and mold removal system. The delivery process saves both time and money by salvaging and deodorizing assets once deemed total losses. The same kit is also used for localised Graffiti removal.

With all the pressure for companies to go 'Green', this process is the perfect solution. Soda blasting can be done in a fraction of the time of other processes and offers excellent surface preparation for application of anti-microbial coatings. The process leaves a fresh, clean surface without a hint of the previous contamination.
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