Ferrari 275 1966
Production 1966 ó 1968
Body style Coupe
Engine 3.3 L 4-cam V12

Ferrari's bid for 1965ís World Manufacturers Championship tried to get their outrageous mid-engined 250 LM homologated as an evolution of the GTO but were unsurprisingly refused by an unimpressed governing body.

As a result, Ferrari were forced into developing a new GT based on the recently introduced 275.

A trio of cars were joined by a fourth example in early 1966 after the first series of official 'customer' GTB/C's had been manufactured. 12 Series II GTB/C's were subsequently built after the fourth Speciale, these Long Nose variants being completed to a slightly more radical spec than the Series I's.

The 275 GTB/4 could hit 165 mph (266 km/h) with its 300 hp (220 kW). 280 4-cam versions were produced through 1968
Having received and loged the items delivered from the restorer, we planned our soda blasting paint stripping work so as to meet the restorerís own spray painting schedual.
Stripping with the gentel blasting that Soda provides allows the restorer to see how the car was originally finished prior to its first coat of paint. Just as it was over 40 years ago.
Aluminium was used to make the bonet, doors and boot. Fibreglass was used for the floor pan and lead for filling .

SodaBlasting will not generate heat, or distorsion, is safe to use on lead, aluminum and fibreglass which is ideal when faced with a range of differing materials on one car
Although some areas have seen a little re-working with body filler.
The Ferrari Project
The Ferrari Project Begins
Lead filler uncovered
Fibreglass floor pan
Fibreglass floor pan
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