The engine was voluntarily restored stripped and cleaned by Soda Blasting, painting and testing cost 698 in total. The engine and the underground flour mill can be seen running on You Tube (search 'Malta engine' or 'Malta Flour Mill').

For the last three years, members of the Fondazzjoni Ghal Harsien Wirt Industrijali were always keen to work on the massive 1939 engine while being taken up with the maintenance of the Mistra underground flourmill.

The machinery is situated in an old pumping station limit of St Paul's Bay. The engine was built by Blackstone of Loughborough, under the name of Brush 4M9. This is the second largest stationary engine on the island after the underground power station of Kordin. The engine is coupled with a generator unit and used to be standby in case of power cuts. The engine is a four-cylinder (boxer) with 200 bhp and 450 rpm.

As this engine had been idle for about 30 years, a number of tests were carried out like testing the air starting cylinder, testing of fuel pumps, cleaning inside the engine from old oil and placing the two-ton fly wheel and pulley in place, as these were dismantled. It took a long time to restart it.

Thank you to my colleagues, especially Spiru Spiteri, John Hili, Godwin Hampton, Clive Sammut, Robert Schembri of the Water Services Corporation and the team at WSC in charge of this pumping station as all are becoming interested in this kind of machinery.
1939 engine up and running
Oliver Mallia, Fondazzjoni Ghal Harsien Wirt Industrijali, St Paul's Bay
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